What is “The Khalsa Today”?

The Khalsa Today is the leading Global Sikh Advocacy, Think Tank & Media organization registered as a nonprofit organization in the United States of America. The Khalsa Today impacts opinion and policy on the Sikh issues that matter most like combating rising Sikh Youth radicalization, extremism, defending Sikh’s place in the world, safeguarding the Human Rights and freedoms of all people.


The Khalsa Today is also home to opinions, ideas, and original reporting for the Sikh and Punjabi diaspora. We are a collection of journalists, activists, writers, historians, doers, thinkers, and more from around the world sharing, discussing, and debating issues impacting our diverse Sikh community.


Sukhjit Singh Chahal aka SUKHI CHAHAL is the Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of The Khalsa Today.


The aim is to create a media organization in the United States of America which will reach out to the expatriate Sikh community in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. The Khalsa Today will fight propaganda against Sikhs by telling the truth to the world. Its aim will be to achieve credibility by always stating verifiable facts.This organization will seek to bring forth Sikh history, culture and politics to NRIs. The Sikhs are a proud and passionate people. Perhaps one of the smallest religious minorities in India, their contribution in the Armed Forces, the legal community, arts & literature, business, law enforcement and sports have always been outsized and disproportionate.

The Khalsa Today will also bring forth modern Sikh icons and heroes from all fields together on one single global platform. It will not just seek to be a news platform. It will seek to be a celebration of Sikhi, the core spirit of the Khalsa.


The Khalsa Today will be the voice of the Indian Sikh living abroad and will bring accurate news from Punjab. It will also be a tool to bust propaganda and lies which are being spread about India by certain individuals, within the diaspora.

A global media presence allows us to amplify our advocacy efforts. Through television interviews, press releases, and op-eds, The Khalsa Today experts influence the public debate on our top priorities. We use social media as a powerful advocacy tool to spread our message and gain international support for initiatives.

The Khalsa Today is a 501(c)3 (Pending) not-for-profit organization in United States of America.

Are you Interested in Making an Opinion Submission?

Please submit your commentary, analysis, or opinion piece for consideration by emailing editor@thekhalsatoday.org.